EBC Brakes/Parts and Triumph Motorcycles

We love EBC products; their brake pads, brake plates, clutch plates and tools. Everything they make is quality. EBC Brakes produces the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the world and are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. 100% of EBC motorcycle brake rotors/discs are also made in the UK.

Having developed their products since the 1980s, “EBC Brakes has become a world leader in sport, high performance and race brake pads and disc/rotors with a massive trademark range of products.”

We carry a huge catalog of EBC parts for your Triumph motorcycle because we believe in the quality and assurance they offer.

Brake Hose

Their stainless-steel braided PTFE brake lines improve brake response. 100% pressure tested; Made in the UK.

Brake Rotor

Whether your Triumph calls for a floating disc or fixed disc brake, EBC offers OEM type replacements for your ride.

Brake Pad

These pads meet or exceed OEM standards. With some of the longest lasting brake pads available, it will result in a longer a longer rotor service life.

Clutch kits

EBC offers cork-based clutch plates are impregnated with aluminum particles to increase wear life and heat resistance. Manufactured with highly compressed material to avoid swell and clutch drag.

Clutch tools

Made in the UK EBC tools are used to prevent clutch rotation when removing or installing the clutch hub nut makes installing new clutch plates a cinch.

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