Carburation & Fuel Delivery

Carburation and Fuel Delivery for Your Triumph Motorcycle

British Iron carries parts to help you repair your carbs whether Keihin or Mikuni from top brands like K&L. O-Rings, float needles, pilot jets, main jets and more are in stock. Leaky petcocks on your Triumph motorcycle? We have the repair kit to fix it. From classic carburetors to modern fuel injection systems, our range of components is designed to deliver seamless power delivery, responsive throttle response, and consistent fuel efficiency across a variety of riding conditions.


Our selection of motorcycle carburetors offers a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern performance enhancements to meet the needs of riders who prefer the simplicity and tunability of carbureted engines. Engineered for precise fuel metering and air-fuel mixture control, our carburetors provide smooth throttle response, instant acceleration, and reliable performance across a wide range of engine speeds. With options available for both single- and multi-cylinder motorcycles, our carburetors offer a versatile solution for riders seeking a classic riding experience with modern performance benefits.

Fuel Injection Systems:

Experience the pinnacle of fuel delivery technology with our range of motorcycle fuel injection systems, designed to optimize fuel atomization, combustion efficiency, and engine performance. Utilizing advanced electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology, our systems deliver precise fuel delivery and air-fuel mixture control, resulting in smoother throttle response, improved power output, and reduced emissions. Whether you’re cruising on the highway, carving through twisty mountain roads, or hitting the track, our fuel injection systems offer the ultimate in performance, reliability, and convenience.

Fuel Management Systems:

Maximize the performance potential of your motorcycle’s engine with our selection of fuel management systems, designed to optimize fuel delivery and air-fuel mixture ratios for enhanced power, torque, and throttle response. Featuring advanced fuel mapping algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, our fuel management systems allow riders to fine-tune their motorcycle’s fueling parameters to match their riding style, performance upgrades, and environmental conditions. Whether you’re upgrading your motorcycle’s exhaust system, air intake, or engine internals, our fuel management systems provide the flexibility and control you need to unlock your bike’s full potential.

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