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Triumph Valve Shim Removal Tool (1) PN MBI-VSRT


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The valve shim removal tool is the Triumph service tool used to make valve clearance adjustments.

It’s a much needed specialty tool for Triumph valve adjustments.

Makes shim replacement without cam removal possible. NOTE: Is not needed for 9.5mm shim underbucket or liquid cooled twins (SOHC) engines.

Bolt the plate to cam caps, turn the bucket so the slots will be visible, turn engine until valve is open, align the leg with the bucket & bottom out bolt, turn engine back, use small flathead screwdriver to unseat shim, use magnet to remove shim, make sure new shim is seated in bucket, turn engine until bucket clears let, remove leg, move onto next valve.

Triumph Valve Shim Removal Tool (1) PN MBI-VSRT

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