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K&L MC305 Wheel Truing & Balance Stand PN TBS-35-8621


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K&L shop products are favored by many dealerships and service shops throughout the US for their innovative designs and top quality construction. This lightweight portable wheel truing stand works on all motorcycle wheel sizes from 14″ to 21″ wheels. This stand makes truing wheels a barstool sport.

Featuring a durable zinc-plated pressed steel frame, the stand allows the wheel to be mounted on adjustable centering cones or ball bearings (using the axle) for truing and static balancing. The frame rails can be adjusted for varying width rims.

The wheel builder can confidently ensure full concentricity of the rim and hub by using the adjustable indicator to true the assembled wheel both laterally and radially. The wheel’s offset can also be set using this truing stand. Tapered wheel cones hold the wheel steady, and the reference pointer shows the run out.

Wheel building is a specialized skill and requires patience and specialty tools. This truing stand will be beneficial for achieving a trued wheel and safely finished product. Refer to the specific model’s workshop manual for more details on rim lacing and wheel truing.

Please note: Due the nature of the product, we unfortunately do not accept returns on bearings, service tools or electrical components. Please be confident about your purchase before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.

K&L MC305 Wheel Truing & Balance Stand PN TBS-35-8621

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