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Galfer USA Parts for Your Triumph Motorcycle

Galfer USA is a prominent motorcycle brand specializing in high-performance braking systems and components. Founded in 1952, Galfer has established itself as a leading manufacturer of brake pads, brake lines, rotors, and other braking accessories, catering to both street and racing applications.

Here’s an overview of Galfer USA and its products:

  1. Brake Pads: Galfer offers a comprehensive range of brake pads designed to deliver superior braking performance, durability, and consistency. Whether it’s for street riding, track racing, or off-road adventures, Galfer brake pads are engineered to provide maximum stopping power, excellent modulation, and minimal fade under extreme conditions.
  2. Brake Lines: Galfer manufactures braided stainless steel brake lines known for their strength, flexibility, and reliability. These brake lines provide improved brake feel and responsiveness by reducing expansion under pressure, resulting in a firmer brake pedal or lever feel and enhanced braking performance.
  3. Rotors: Galfer produces a variety of brake rotors designed to meet the demands of different riding styles and environments. From standard replacement rotors to high-performance wave rotors, Galfer rotors are engineered for optimal heat dissipation, reduced weight, and improved braking performance, whether it’s for daily commuting or aggressive riding.
  4. Clutch Lines: In addition to brake components, Galfer offers braided stainless steel clutch lines that provide smoother clutch engagement and improved feel compared to stock rubber lines. These clutch lines are designed to withstand high temperatures and offer enhanced durability and performance under demanding riding conditions.
  5. Accessories: Galfer also provides various braking accessories, including brake fluid, brake pads lubricants, and mounting hardware, to ensure proper installation and maintenance of their braking systems.

Galfer’s products are trusted by motorcycle enthusiasts, professional racers, and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide for their quality, performance, and reliability. Whether it’s upgrading to high-performance brake pads for improved stopping power, installing braided brake lines for enhanced brake feel, or upgrading to wave rotors for better heat dissipation, Galfer USA offers riders the solutions they need to enhance their motorcycle’s braking performance and safety.

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