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Triumph Galfer USA Rear Brake Pads (2) PN MBI-FD103G1054


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High quality rear brake pads that will help extend the life of your rotors and give the rider excellent stopping power.

Fitment appropriate for:

  • 03-04 Daytona 600
  • 02-05 Speed Four
  • 00-03 TT600
  • 05 Daytona 650
  • 13-up Street Triple

Organic brake pads with high performance, light weight fibers. These Galfer USA brake pads also have a strong and predictable brake response.

Check your owner’s manual for correct fitment

Triumph Galfer USA Rear Brake Pads (2) PN MBI-FD103G1054

Product Highlights

High Quality Rear Brake Pads that will Help Extend the Life of your Rotors

Gives the Rider Excellent Stopping Power

Fitment Appropriate For: 03-04 Daytona 600, 02-05 Speed Four, 00-03 TT600, 05 Daytona 650, 13-Up Street Triple

Organic Brake Pads with High Performance, Light Weight Fibers

These Galfer USA Brake Pads Also Have a Strong and Predictable Brake Response

Check Your Owner's Manual for Correct Fitment

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