Barnett Cables and Triumph Motorcycle Parts

We first started selling Barnett cables at our partner site The Bonneville Shop in 2008 and have now made them a staple at British Iron as well. Our partnership with this family-run and proudly made in the USA brand, has been a testament to the enduring craftsmanship that defines our selection of cables and clutch packs.

Barnett cables are made with a keen attention to detail. Whether you’re ordering one for your clutch or throttle, they ensure all their parts meet or exceed OEM standards. Barnett cables feature a friction-reducing nylon lining for easy operation and longevity that we swear by.

If you’re needing to replace your Triumph Bonneville clutch plates, we’ve got complete kits from Barnett. A commitment to quality gives Triumph motorcycle riders confidence knowing their products are performing at the highest level. They’ve been a game changer for us, and we know they will be for you too.

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