K&L Valve Shim Kit 9.5mm (2.30-2.75mm) PN MBI-137017


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The engine needs correct valve clearance to run correctly.

9.5mm valve adjustment shims needed for liquid cooled twins, triples with shim under bucket valve adjustment systems.

The shim sits between the tappet/bucket and valve retainer to create the proper cam to tappet/bucket clearance.

Appropriate fitment for shim under bucket models and SOHC models.

Follow the cam removal/reinstallation and valve adjustment instructions in the service manual.


K&L Valve Shim Kit 9.5mm (2.30-2.75mm) PN MBI-137017

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9.5mm Valve Adjustment Shims Needed for Liquid Cooled Twins, Triples with Shim Under Bucket Valve Adjustment Systems

The Shim Sits Between the Tappet/Bucket and Valve Retainer to Create the Proper Cam to Tappet/Bucket Clearance

Appropriate Fitment for Shim Under Bucket Models and SOHC Models

Follow The Cam Removal/Reinstallation and Valve Adjustment Instructions in the Service Manual

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