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Triumph Chains and Sprockets available! We carry rear sprockets, front sprockets and a wide variety of chains from top brand names where precision engineering meets the demands of two-wheeled performance enthusiasts. Designed to deliver reliable power transmission and enduring durability, our chains and sprockets are crafted to withstand the rigors of high-speed riding, sharp cornering, and varying road conditions, ensuring optimal performance mile after mile.


Our selection of motorcycle chains encompasses a variety of options to suit different riding styles, power outputs, and motorcycle configurations. Engineered with high-grade materials and precision manufacturing techniques, our chains offer exceptional tensile strength, wear resistance, and longevity. Whether you’re seeking a standard roller chain for your daily commuter or a high-performance O-ring or X-ring chain for spirited rides and track days, we have the perfect chain to match your motorcycle’s requirements.


Complementing our chains are precision-machined sprockets crafted to deliver seamless engagement and reliable power transfer. Available in various tooth counts and configurations, our sprockets are designed to optimize gearing ratios for enhanced acceleration, top-end speed, or tailored performance characteristics. From lightweight aluminum sprockets for sportbikes to hardened steel sprockets for off-road adventures, we offer a diverse range to meet the needs of every rider and riding environment.

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