Progressive Suspension

Progressive Suspension Parts and Your Triumph Motorcycle

Progressive Suspension is a well-known motorcycle suspension manufacturer that has been producing high-quality suspension components for over three decades. Established in 1982, the company has earned a reputation for innovation, performance, and reliability in the motorcycle industry.

Progressive Suspension offers a wide range of suspension products designed to enhance the handling, comfort, and performance of motorcycles across various riding styles and applications. These include:

  1. Shock Absorbers: Progressive Suspension manufactures a variety of shock absorbers tailored to different motorcycle models and riding preferences. These shocks feature advanced damping technology, adjustable settings, and precision engineering to provide optimal suspension performance and control.
  2. Fork Springs: The company produces progressive rate fork springs designed to improve front-end suspension performance. These springs offer a smooth initial travel with firmer damping as they compress, providing better bottoming resistance and improved handling characteristics.
  3. Fork Cartridge Kits: Progressive Suspension offers fork cartridge kits that replace the stock internals of motorcycle forks with high-performance damping cartridges. These kits improve suspension compliance, damping control, and overall handling, particularly during aggressive riding or under challenging road conditions.
  4. Suspension Accessories: In addition to shock absorbers and fork components, Progressive Suspension manufactures various suspension accessories such as fork braces, lowering kits, and suspension tools. These accessories allow riders to further customize and fine-tune their motorcycle’s suspension to suit their individual preferences and riding needs.

One of the key features of Progressive Suspension products is their progressive rate design, which provides a smooth and controlled ride over a wide range of road conditions. This design allows the suspension to react more effectively to bumps and impacts while maintaining stability and control.

Progressive Suspension’s dedication to research and development ensures that its products incorporate the latest advancements in suspension technology. The company continually tests and refines its products to meet the demands of riders across diverse riding styles, from touring and commuting to off-road and racing.

Overall, Progressive Suspension is recognized as a leading provider of motorcycle suspension solutions, offering riders improved comfort, control, and confidence on the road or track. With a commitment to quality and performance, Progressive Suspension remains a trusted choice for riders seeking to upgrade their motorcycle’s suspension system.


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