Keihin Parts for Your Triumph Motorcycle

Keihin Corporation is a leading Japanese manufacturer of fuel systems and components for various applications, including motorcycles, automobiles, and powersports vehicles. Established in 1956, Keihin has developed a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative fuel injection systems, carburetors, and related components that deliver superior performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Here’s an overview of Keihin and its contributions to the motorcycle industry:

  1. Carburetors: Keihin has long been recognized for its expertise in designing and manufacturing carburetors for motorcycles. Carburetors produced by Keihin are renowned for their precision engineering, efficient fuel atomization, and responsive throttle performance. Keihin carburetors have been utilized by numerous motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and others, in both street and racing applications.
  2. Fuel Injection Systems: In addition to carburetors, Keihin is a pioneer in the development of fuel injection systems for motorcycles. The company’s fuel injection systems incorporate advanced electronic controls, fuel delivery mechanisms, and engine management algorithms to optimize fuel efficiency, emissions performance, and engine response across various operating conditions. Keihin fuel injection systems are widely used in modern motorcycles, offering riders improved throttle response, smoother power delivery, and enhanced fuel economy.
  3. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI): Keihin has played a significant role in the advancement of electronic fuel injection technology for motorcycles. Its EFI systems utilize sophisticated sensors, actuators, and electronic control units (ECUs) to precisely regulate fuel delivery and ignition timing, resulting in optimized engine performance and reduced emissions. Keihin EFI systems are utilized in a wide range of motorcycle applications, from small-displacement commuter bikes to high-performance sport bikes and adventure motorcycles.
  4. Component Manufacturing: Keihin manufactures a variety of fuel system components, including throttle bodies, injectors, fuel pumps, sensors, and electronic control units (ECUs). These components are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent quality standards of motorcycle manufacturers and contribute to the overall performance and reliability of motorcycles equipped with Keihin fuel systems.
  5. Research and Development: Keihin invests heavily in research and development to continuously improve the performance, efficiency, and reliability of its fuel systems and components. The company collaborates closely with motorcycle manufacturers and leverages its expertise in fuel system engineering to develop innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of riders and regulatory requirements worldwide.

Overall, Keihin Corporation is a trusted and respected provider of fuel systems and components for motorcycles, offering riders cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and unmatched reliability. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to excellence, Keihin continues to shape the future of fuel delivery systems in the motorcycle industry.

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